About Us

At SP Growth Partners Ltd. (“SPGP”) we invest, develop, promote and globally market products and services which enhance Health. We believe in integrating natural products with hi-tech technology combined with a human touch, to develop products and services which can enhance human life and provide a healthy living for every person in this world.

Living a healthy life is a dream of every person on this planet. One can live a healthy life by choosing a correct combination of eating, drinking, exercising, meditating et al. A healthy body and a healthy life is a right of every human being. Consumption of the right food and drink determines how healthy a person can live. Mother nature’ provides a wealth of products which enhances and nurtures a human body and mind. If these natural products are developed, processed and made available in their natural form which are fit for human consumption, then these products provide the essential nutrition required for development of a healthy body and an alert mind.

At SPGP, we believe that products gifted by nature need to be embedded with modern technology to preserve the natural powers of such products. Accordingly we identify, invest and develop such natural products which are health supplements and devoid of synthetic inputs. We work closely with the producers of such natural products; help introducing new technology for processing, preserving and packing the products to enable delivering the products in its pure natural form to the consumers. We supplement the investments with our global marketing network to promote such natural health products to consumers worldwide. We take lead in testing and trying new technology which can preserve the goodness of the natural products. We also provide investment needed for development and promotion of such health products.

We believe in vertically integrating every critical business activity to ensure delivery of a health product at the best quality to our consumers. We invest and participate at every stage of the product development right from agriculture, processing, packing, shipment and finally delivering at the consumer’s doorstep.

We are a team of visionary entrepreneurs, technologist, marketing and finance professionals bound with zeal to create a global platform to promote, develop and deliver health products and health enhancing services to every person on this planet.

We invest in various health products and health care services through our special purpose investee companies. Each of our investee companies stringently follows global business standards and practices on strong corporate governance and in performing its corporate social responsibilities.

Presently we have strong investment presence in emerging economies of China, India, Thailand, Philippines and Sri Lanka and are gradually increasing the foot prints to developed markets. We select businesses and products which can be produced locally, globally marketable, highly scalable and sustainable even during economic slowdown.