Global Health Tea Limited (“GHTL”)

GHTL produces, packs and globally markets premium health tea using special tea leaves from high grown tea estates located in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The subsidiary company of GHTL in Sri Lanka, owns a modern tea packing facility where pure Ceylon tea is packed using hi-tech machines with special bio-degradable packing material. The packing facility operates under stringent international standards and is certified by leading agencies for food packaging.

GHTL globally markets its Tea under its own brand – “Royal Dawn”, “Royal Eve” and “Royal Green”. To ensure consistent quality production of premium health Tea, GHTL has gradually and vertically integrated its business process with strong presence in plantation, production, packing, branding and finally to global marketing of the Tea. GHTL has embarked on a strong growth plan for establishing its brands to be synonymous to “quality and health” .
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  • Zip Sealed 200gm Pouch
  • Zip Sealed 100gm Pouch
  • Zip Sealed 100gm Pouch
  • Gift Box
  • Pouch in Gift Box
  • Pouch in Tin Box
  • 2gm Pyramid Tea Bag
  • 20 Tea Bags in Gift Box
  • 10 Tea Bags in Tin Box

Global Health Coconut Products Limited (“GHCPL”)

GHCPL is in the business of processing coconuts for production of health products such as Virgin Coconut Oil and sugar free Coconut Water. Through its subsidiary in Sri Lanka, GHCPL operates the most modern coconut processing plant, which operates under stringent norms and meets all international standards applicable for food processing and packing.

GHCPL integrates its business operations by undertaking contract farming of coconuts to assist local farmers in increasing the per tree yield of nuts every year. This helps in ensuring high quality of nut production and also enables the local farmers to earn significantly more than the current earnings. GHCPL has developed a unique formulation for producing and packing coconut water which is devoid of sugar but still retains the original taste, flavor and health properties of coconut water.

GHCPL markets its product under the brand – “Sri-fal” and aims to be rated as a leading global brand in providing high quality healthy coconut products across the globe.

Global Health Care Homes Limited (“GHHL”)

GHHL is developing 2 retirement home villages under the name of “KAMI Homes”, which in Japanese means, "A Divine Place to live". The retirement homes are being developed in the cultural land of Thailand and Philippines which are globally known for their world class hospitality and services.

GHHL develops and operates the retirement home villages as an ideal habitat for retirees who wish to enjoy luxurious independent living with 24 hour medical care available at their door steps. KAMI Homes is a city in itself with independent fully furnished houses, modern medical centre, shopping area, community halls, temple area, 24 hour security with CCTV and courteous staff to take care of every need of the elderly living in KAMI Homes. KAMI Homes also has facility for wellness centre and resident villas which is ideal for people to take short term wellness courses for complete rejuvenation of mind and body.

KAMI Homes is not about just creating a luxurious house…it is much beyond bricks and cement. The soul of KAMI Homes is creation of a HOME, with a relentless commitment of GHHL and its team in providing world class service to take care of every need of the elderly living in KAMI Homes.
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Global Health Cafe Limited

GHCL is engaged in development and promotion of an international online e-commerce platform, under the brand – “Café Health” ( Café Health is a unique platform dedicated towards marketing and distribution of natural healthcare Products. The platform enables health conscious consumers to access a variety of natural and organic health products sourced from across the globe. The portal provides a very high level of product quality assurance which is backed with a strong production selection and vendor development programme. Café Health assures that every product listed on the site has been time tested and certified by leading global food and drug authorities.

Café Health provides its customers a wide array of natural health products covering across age groups including special products for expectant mothers, young toddlers, for the youth, middle age and senior age groups. Customers can choose from a wide spectrum of product categories including Vitamins, Supplements, Nutrition products, health tea/ coffee / juices, organic and herbal products, health cosmetics, wellness solutions etc. The platform assumes uniqueness from the fact that in addition to accessing a wide variety of natural products from various countries, it also provides a platform for customers to interact with leading health experts to check about the suitability of products and also discuss individual needs and requirements.

Café Health follows a very stringent process for product and vendor selection ensuring high level of quality and product satisfaction to our customers. Welcome to Café Health, your gateway to a healthy life.